Success Story of Anand Mishra the CEO of Star Infranet

The Indian IT industry is progressing by leaps and bounds. The CEO of Star Infranet, Anand Mishra is one of those few people who have taken full advantage of the opportunity this offers to climb the ladder of success. The demand for web development services is continuously growing across the globe and there are a few countries that are seeing immense growth in this field. Also, India is going digital and its IT industry is progressing fast particularly since the last decade. In this competitive era, it is very difficult to emerge successfully as an entrepreneur, but Anand Mishra managed to do so.

From an idea to a successful company:

When Anand Mishra decided to set up Star Infranet, he faced a lot of challenges in making his company stand out from others. It was a new company and most of the entrepreneurs in India were not familiar with it, and thus they were reluctant of adopting their strategies and using their services. However, Anand Mishra highlighted the importance of online marketing strategies and its benefits for the entrepreneurs. He had already worked as a software programmer for some local travel companies and he was aware that these companies can gain big benefits by improving their online presence.

Not only the travel companies, Mishra made it clear to all the businesses that a solid online presence is the key to success in this era. In the past few years, Anand Mishra has educated a lot of people and he is now one of the most professional and knowledgeable online marketers. His knowledge and experience helped Star Infranet grow into one of the most reputable and successful online marketing companies in India. The company hasn’t limited itself to provide services in India only, in fact they have expanded their operations and services outside the country too.

An Easy To Start a Business for Those with No Fund

Many people have this common question, “I want to start a small business but have no money” and back off from starting a business that could have been a great business venture over a period of time. Well, although to start a business without much hassle, a certain amount of funding is needed, it is also perfectly possible to start a new business without any money.

However, one should put a great deal of hard work and dedication and this is the ideology that is followed by many successful businessmen such as: Kartikeya Sharma NewsX owner. There are many ways to start a business without money. This article will take a look at the best solution for starting a business without money.

The best solution for starting a business without money: I want to start a small business but have no money

  • To start a business with no money or insufficient funding, you will first need to keep your job. Many people make the mistake of giving up their job to focus on their new business, especially when they don’t have sufficient amount of funding. This is a huge mistake as starting a business is quite risky and also no one knows how fast the business will start bringing the desired profits. When you keep your job but at the same time start a business, there will be less pressure for funding and this way you will be able to start a new business without any problems.
  • Offer a service that has a great demand in the market with the consumers. There are a variety of services which you can offer that will help you to get the income and you can also start a new business with the service being provided as a base.
  • Try to spread the word for your business. The more the word about your service is spread to the people, the more client base you will get who will be interested in your service.