Is Listening To Music Benefit My Baby?

Music serves as an outlet for expressing one’s feelings. It is the medium used to amplify your thoughts and emotions. Like us adults do, we listen to music whenever we feel joyful or melancholic hence, it is a similar aspect when it comes to our babies.

Listening to baby rhymes mum mum tv can provide a soothing and calming effect to the baby because of the tone, rhythmic patterns, and enthusiastic melody of the music.

During the daytime, the baby may listen to the lively rhymes of the wheels on the bus song so that he or she will kick start the day with laughter. On the other hand, as parents, you may put up a lullaby song during the night like twinkle twinkle little star as a means to induce sleep to the baby.

The musical vibrations enter the ear of the baby directly flowing to the brain thus, it creates a stimulus to the baby’s cognitive function and improves the development of the baby’s mental capacity to adapt and absorb the things happening to the baby’s surrounding.

Can music affect the intelligence of the baby?

Based on the scientific study, there were no final conclusions arrived yet when it comes to the effect of music on the baby’s brain. So far, children age from 3 and above most likely prove the validity of this theory and it was evidenced that when you try listening and singing at a young age, most often, the child might grow a great singer someday but if you start singing at the stage of teenage level, you might sing well however, it might not be as good if you tried singing at a younger period.

In addition, the mere fact that the development of the baby’s mental capacity during the premature stage have greater chances of influence that the baby will become smart in the future.